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After looking through many, many PayPal alternatives, some were part of Paypal. I found one that is easy to understand and easy for all, it's Flattr. I am also accepting cryptocurrency of (UOS). If someone saw the news, is almost ready to be released. I want to get the games on the new platform before it becomes popular. The address will not be in "footer" of website, you can find it in contact. Paypal can still be accepted, but only if someone puts on my username (Bigattck) at the URL

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In the game news, I had to restart everything. RPG Maker MV will always make the game more than 100 MB and this is only 1 map. Instead of working by limiting my sounds and reducing all files, I just restarted the project to Renpy. In case someone has forgotten, Reny was the game engine for the original unknowns, Saga Vol 0 to 3. Another important factor is the engine of RPG MV could not count. If you play the desert map in volume 4, you know that I have the game to go back if staying there for a long time. This is the same problem that I had face, will not count correctly, I had to make a rule, but I needed it to stay forever.

Using Python, I will make the game have the number that stays there until the player does something. I lost too much time and not enough in the new game project. I will spent the remaining last days to prepare the project, an alpha demo. The photos will be horrible and the song is not playing, but it is something.

Until next time or next month

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