New year 2022

Big news, the Unknowns Saga trademark is almost officially mine. All I have to do now is finish my game and sell it. I have about half of the characters in new styles for commercial use; thanks to the artist's hard work, i have zero music but I'll be working on it , the story is in Vol. 1, most of the background are bought from another artist, and discussions with the publisher have yet to start.

I hope to finish in fall or winter, I would have to get an extension from the trademark office and pay Wix to keep the website up and running. Another problem I am facing is the IOS application, I cannot do it easily in renpy. The program simply gives me files to make IOS apps in Swift or Xcode. I need to find someone to convert those files into an application.

This month I will push the progress of the story, no more UI or BIO rule of characters discover. Appearance and music can wait.

As for last month's 7th anniversary contest, no one entered. I will try again when there are more people viewing my website than just 0.

Until next time or next month

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