More information on the game

The game progresses slowly, but I hope it will be done somewhere in 2022. The character drawings are being redone in a new look, some may look better like Darkness and Lena's uncle. New background too, I brought some very visual backgrounds that fit the characters and the story. The background part of the game is ready and with GUI, but some bugs appear, but it should be easy to fix.


I forgot to mention last month about the price of the game and its features. The game will cost $ 10, will appear in the Google and Apple stores. I will also sell it on Amazon app, maybe put it on TV, GOG if they approved, also if I can get to work together with me, the game will be on Switch, PS5 and Xbox. will have everything except Nintendo / Sony / Microsoft port games. You will also get an exclusive game song that is not on Google, Apple or Amazon. GOG and will be the only open source for the game because Amazon, Google, Apple, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo want the game package or closed. All of this is possible because no heavy code is added, it is simple, and it should be easy to port.

Wondering why I couldn't do this last year? RPG Maker MV cannot port to consoles without legal paperwork, but that's not all, in 2014 there was no way to port Renpy to consoles. During the development of volume 4, uyjulian made it to consoles, but it was "homebrew" and probably not cool with Nintendo. then became the first to publish renpy visual novels. There was a virtual machine for the switch to run reny, but Poppy Works has too many projects to port and I think the visual machine will not work well.

Now you know why I didn't do it before and the story to sell it on consoles. I would have used Unity, but renpy HTML in early 2017 wasn't perfect and I didn't have the money to buy devkit from Nintendo, PS4, and Xbox all at once. That is why I am looking for a publisher, so as not to spend another $ 2000 or more.

Until next time or next month

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