May update 2021

Something real quick for the spanish readers, you can now read this in spanish, Wix updated blogs to let anyone view different languages.

Algo real rápido para los lectores de español, ahora puede leer esto en español, Wix actualizó los blogs para que cualquiera vea diferentes idiomas.

As for the game i been working on, here are their names next to characters

Now I will start working on music that is not going to be happy or bright. I am also considering whether it should change it from instrumental in the style of the opera. I'm going to try this and I'll see how it works with the game. Progress has not been made to the files of the game. I'm still thinking about how the characters work in a perfect world like setting

There is not much to say, I am thinking mainly on how to tell the story in a way that people hate the world. As for the registered trademark, I still have not receive any word. I know that it passes requirements but not much progress in the Judge of Acceptance phase. Once this is done, I will upload new comics. I will not do anything until something happens. Until next time or next month

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