July 2021 update

Happy half year, Sunofes21 has begun and now I will start working in my game. Every Wednesday, I will update everyone, but in only Ko-Fi, otherwise it is necessary to wait every month for progress. I uploaded a sample music of what I am working for the Game Menu menu.

This is an idea not final:

There is no date, I want this game to be good enough to be sold. My original music will be in Soundcloud since I know that people will steal it. I will not be working on any new engine, I'm hitting what I know, RPG Maker MV. It will look like the new version of the unknown saga, but with some changes to u.i. and buttons. Voice acting will not be a thing, I still have problems with unknowns Saga Volume 4, being the same voice or the software that does not like changes.

That should be all for this month, next month is the high payment for my website, discovering how to configure Apple Developer to upload my games and yes, verify the registered trademark.

Until next time or next month

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