Game delay to 2023

So no money, not even $1, now the game will lag. A number of changes will happen, first it will be the expensive $160 website that will be demoted because no one cares. It will be a super basic, open source static website with just links to another website and email contact. 2 years since I brought wix plan to make it fancy, no one seems to care. Another 5 years with features like forums and interactive games on my website, still no one cares. I don't care anymore, it will be a website and a way for anyone to contact me.

The games will no longer be on the Wix server because it requires money. The games are in google drive, click on the link to download. I don't care if Google is bad, nobody cares about visiting my website anyway.

As for the game, it's 100% delayed until 2023. If I can't get enough money before the trademark deadline, I'll have no choice but to cut the game into parts 1 and 2 in order to qualify. Not only that, but no matter what, the game will be priced at $15 or more. The economic price of everything has gone up, I can't keep it at $10 anymore.

That should be it, not like people also read my official blog or anything. Until next month or next time; whenever I feel like posting..

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