Forum removed and website update

As I said, I remove the forum and moved it to Spacehey. The main reason is the lack of people who visit or do anything. In the old days, having a forum was something to celebrate with many joining in a few days. Now with social networks assume control, people do not want to register and want things on one stuff as Twitter or Facebook. That is why it is eliminated and rebuild in Spacehey.

The website itself, i fix many problems that I did not see when building it. I did not know that the contact form did not work. The old service that protected me from spam email is gone. I had to find a new service and also supports the loading of files. Another problem breaks Wix Website Savings function. If you save in Spanish, you will save in Spanish but not in English. The only way to solve the problem is to save both English and Spanish. The versions of each language are treated as a different website, the pop-up window was a lie.

As for my new game, I did not like having to make any classical song or opera. After looking through anime and movies, I decided something new with less musical would be better. It's called Drone Music, it works like what I need for my game. I'm going to loop music making it always sound, while SFX bring at the time of the scare. There will be a little music, but I do not know how many since story has not started.

Until next time or next month

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