Beta version of the game

This Wednesday I will upload the beta version of my new game to find out if there are errors. It will be on my website not because I need traffic on my website. This will also be the 5th year domain and I wanted to do something special. I will also put each game in a download, you can download the game if you do not want to use, Google, Amazon or other websites.

Another change is getting rid of PayPal and Ko-Fi, these do not work and will be deleted. PayPal is easy to explain why, I do not need it anymore, since I can do everything without PayPal. I only continue to use it due to and ko-fi. I have no reason to use Ko-fi, no visits, I believe and make me use Paypal. PayPal will only be used to obtain payments and not for another reason exist. A new donation will be established directly from my website, it will be 100% safer than trusting PayPal.

Ah, and there will also be no new publication in Ko-fi, only in Spacehey or my blog.

Until next time or next month

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