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At the beginning of the new year, I started the registered trademark process to obtain the unknown saga mark. Each source that I found has told me the same thing and the same action. The only thing they never told me or they never understand is that the big requirement for the brand is the sale. Under the registered trademark rules of the United States, i must at least be able to have an interest in selling. I am interested, but as I label it under software and computer games, I can not pretend to make a book for sales because a book is not a game or software. Ebook does not count, which will be labeled under service-like-product and not game software.

I solved the errors of the registered trademark and waiting for results, but while I wait, I will start in my biggest project for the unknown saga series. A whole story of what would have been my book in a visual novel game.

Lucky visual novels counts has games that also makes a story. That is why I am planning to revive the old "unknowns saga chronicles" project. It will be on the good old Reny engine for many reasons, it is fast, the support of Android, the feeling of visual novel, etc.

I will need all the size of the file that i can put for the game, RPG Maker MV takes 100 MB with just a map. I can not carelessly lose Android sales as I did in volume 4.

Unknowns Saga chronicles is a paid game of my series. Volume 0, 1, 2 and 3 are added but volume 4 is a completely different thing. Unlike the free version where history is carried out in the main events that leave the side story, this game will have everything. You get to see friends Aliva and Elena, I and Nova more often, IE and Thu, Dayo Lovey Dubby start with Seki, more about the world of Sri Cat, finally unknown #0.

The battle system is eliminated, there are no routes or tricks in the game. This is called a kinetic visual novel. The only bad thing is that I battles are not going to be epic as in free versions. I am already spending money on all recreation after volume 4 artist error and I can not more errors in this game. The game is a paid commercial, no more free things.

The total time of the history of the game is somewhere within 100 hours. This will cover everything, so yes, I think it will be more than 100 hours. I will have as perhaps 7 months or more to finish the game because under the registered trademark law I have 6 months or more to show the intention to sell. I do not have the trademark at this time, it is under section 1 (b) and will take time to obtain an official registered trademark.

Now about my other game, "No", i abandoned that game for many reasons. I could not think of a good story for the player to feel as if they were losing control. I did not want to choose a person and stay on that route. The player should feel confused by the culture of the characters. Much more, I just could not pass the beginning. Now I need to achieve everything in the unknown saga.

Until next time or next month

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