7th Anniversary!

Enter here!: https://tally.so/r/31D5pm

Today is the 7th anniversary of the game's release, I wanted it to be some luck. Yes, some of you may already guess that this is also a way to get a promotion for my game, but can you blame me if I have almost zero visits to my website?

The rules are simple, upload any art, yes, any and get lucky. Please tell me where you want me to contact you so I can tell you if you won.


Do I need to fill something to be contacted?

Yes, if you win you can have the choice of any character into a Clay model.

Do you need my address?

Only the winner will need to be asked for the address.

Will you ship internationally?

Yes, the model will be shipped anywhere if the address legal or possible to deliver.

Do I have to pay anything?

No, nothing needs to be paid, anyone or anything saying to pay for this contest is not me.

Can I give this to someone else?

I may allow it, this should be mention first so I can understand what to do.

Why end the contest in New Years Day?

30 days is enough time and everyone going on holiday is the perfect time.

Can I upload anything?

While I can not stop you from uploading blood related content or drawings of Elena without clothing, I do have the right to not let you be part of the contest or let you win any prizes. Besides the questionable drawing, I may let some good drawings but they may not appear in the game or website.

I have question about my art in your game.

Yes my next game is commercial and yes you do have a choice of allowing me to add it into the game or not. This goes with website too, your art can be in my website or not, the choice is yours. If you want to be paid for adding your art inside the game, please contact me or talk to make an agreement. Any zero response is automatically makes me believe that your art is not going to be publicly showcase and I do have the right to give the prize to someone else.

Where is my art uploaded to?

Incase if I have over 100 images, imgur with many glue together so I can upload easy. As for music or video art, I'll upload a huge file to Peertube UK server where I upload things outside of Youtube. Lastly, Any 3D art is consider images so everyone only has to go to 2 websites. Your art will be publicly shared.

Wait any art?

Any, images, music file or 3D model. I will not accept software or physical object, please upload an image of physical object or screenshot of software.

Can I enter copyright characters like Mickey Mouse?

You may enter them but if the company demands it to be taken down, it will be taken down. You will still get the award if you win. However I will not allow any copyright characters in my game, if you want i can put your social media choice to let people know who won. Otherwise I may just not add it to the game.

Do I have to be a certain age to enter?

By law, you have to be 13 years or older but I am unable to confirm anything and I will not take any responsibility if anyone under 13 years enters.

Privacy questions

You will not be forced into anything, all the data I collect will be sent to me to by Tally who will sent it to my gmail and then deleted. If you want a more privacy email, fanmail@unknowns-saga.com is only Zoho mail with all the protected privacy of a professional email.

Who will make the Clay model?

I will hire someone to make a air dry clay model.

Can I ask for more complex detail model?

That will depend on the modeler, currently i can only spent somewhere between $50 though $100 and if they ask somewhere over $100 then I may have to ask you for a simpler character.

I don't want Clay model, I want something else

I may allow something else but no toys, asking for money, electronics, food, tools, software or jewelry. It needs to be creative.

My question is not here

Email me at fanmail@unknowns-saga.com ; i will email you within 24 hours or so.

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