Anime Angel Moreno

Who I am?

I started developing games before in 2009. My main interest is 3D modeling, I would choose a free book and read the many techniques for building models. I didn't have internet until 2008, my YouTube channel is the first account that was made. Over time, I uploaded many games on YouTube, played games, and watched videos until 2014, when I started building my first game.

Metaseqa 4 is my software for 3D models, Strata Design SE with rendering, Stagelight and LMMS is the way I make music, Windows 10 Microsoft Paint is the art tool I use to edit and create characters. Proud supporter of, there are currently over 1,000,000 software on the Internet, each of which helps small businesses and developers.

My life is kept secret, so far I have been using firecat bigattck as my name. When it came to building my games, there was no other way to hide my name. People can contact me using email (please stop using Zoom), it's the only way to prevent random people from sending me messages. In no way am I using Twitter, too many hashtags and it is not really a place to communicate with people.

The Unknowns Saga

The story of the Unknowns saga begins with my teacher asking a question; "If you could have any power, what would it be?" My answer was the power of time because it is too powerful. Over time I did not think much, then I discovered many stories about superheroes. It inspired me to create heroes almost like yours. That's where Blogger comes in, the first chapter ever written on Blogger. As you already know, I move from it and create visual novels. Now there are plans to turn it into a book, create better gameplay in the visual novel, possibly make it anime?